Coiserette’s canyon

The most beautiful canyon in the Jura

Hidden in a luxuriant forest, the River Tacon near Saint-Claude has carved out a very attractive gorge with smooth walls. It is the longest narrow gorge in France (80 cm in places and 40 m high).

Coiserette is made up of three different sections, which can be explored over half a day or a full day.

The first section, the longest and most technical, starts with a magnificent 20m waterfall, which you cross either by abseiling or on a slide. We then abseil, swim or walk through this magnificent narrow passage carved out by erosion.

The second, more open section is a succession of jumps and swims in deep canyons.The stone arch over the water is one of the canyon’s most remarkable features.The third section features a number of waterfalls, ranging from 2 to 5 metres in height, making it very aquatic and fun. The river narrows again to form a final narrow passage.The arrival in the moss-covered forest heralds the end of the canyon.

Medium, aged 10 and over

  • Half day: 2h30
  • Full day: 5h
  • Approach walk 2 minutes and return walk 20 minutes