The Jura: for natural and sporting holidays

As a mountainous region, the Jura boasts an incredible diversity of natural landscapes, much appreciated by lovers of nature and thrills: mountains, lakes, gorges, plains, rivers and waterfalls.

The powerful mountain torrents have carved out gorges of incredible beauty, smooth and colourful, rivalling the most beautiful canyoning descents in France.

Rocky bars, ideal for via ferrata and rock climbing, overlook landscapes of wild lakes. Immense forests of fir trees stretch for miles, offering magnificent walks in a palette of verdant colours. The geography of this region has been shaped since the secondary era by the power of water.

Some must-see villages in the Jura

Created in 1986, the Parc Naturel du Haut-Jura now covers 122 communes in an area of 178,000 hectares, spanning three départements: Ain, Doubs and Jura.

Its mission is threefold: social, environmental and economic development.

Hidden away in the heart of the cliffs, this village is a little jewel that combines the beauty of its heritage with the beauty of its environment.

Baumes-les-Messieurs, it’s a surprising and multi-faceted visit: the Imperial Abbey, a converted cave and an underground lake, and a number of viewpoints from which to admire the village, listed as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”.

Capital of the Haut-Jura region, this small town is renowned for its wooden pipe-making and diamond-cutting.

Located at the gateway to the Jura mountains, Saint-Claude

is the economic heartbeat of the region, with its crafts, tourism and gastronomy…

In the heart of this small town, the great white cathedral imposes its pride.

Encore une perle ! Ce village perché au-dessus d’un vignoble réputé ne manque pas de charme.

Célèbre pour le vin Jaune fabriqué depuis le moyen-âge, ce petit village est exceptionnel par sa situation et son environnement.

Remarkable sites
in the Jura

Hérisson waterfall & Chalain lake

3 equipped beaches and 2 starred campsites allow you to enjoy the turquoise waters of this magnificent lake.

A few kilometres away, the 31 Hérisson waterfalls ("Yrisson", which meant "sacred water"), await you for a breathtaking natural spectacle.

Lake District

The seaside resort of Clairveaux-les-lacs is a popular holiday destination for families...

Numerous hiking and mountain bike trails, fishing, swimming and of course canyoning are on the holiday programme!.

Vouglans lake

This sublime artificial lake of a thousand colours stretching over 35km is the king of water sports activities.

Bordered by a dense forest, the three harbours and three developed beaches invite visitors to swim.

Note: the Via Ferrata du Regardoir offers a splendid view of Lake Vouglans.

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