Regardoir’s via ferrata

A modern & fun course

The via ferrata du Regardoir, in Moirans en Montagne, is undoubtedly one of the most famous and accessible in France. Perched above Lake Vouglan, this modern course offers a wide variety of obstacles and allows you to fill up with emotions.

A first initiation course of 90 meters long and rising to 15 meters high allows you to become familiar with the equipment and the vacuum.

Then, we enter the main course, 260 m long, which splits into two variants: a simpler first with a monkey bridge, and a more athletic second with a pouring passage and a rising ladder facing the void.

The two courses meet for the final bridge of 90m long, perched at more than 50 m high!

  • This via ferrata can be done half a day
  • Starting altitude: 570m
  • Arrival altitude: 600m
  • Height difference: 30m
  • Length: 350m
  • Difficulty: easy to difficult
  • Duration of the course: about 2h30

Kit d'escalade de canyoning dans le JuraWe use classic climbing harnesses and two lanyards that allow us to be tied continuously on the lifeline.

The lanyards are equipped with shock absorbers, which ensure the safety of the progression.

Like any outdoor activity, we wear a comfortable helmet.

For professional supervision, the instructor carries a few safety elements: a rope, belay equipment and a pharmacy.

More about equipment

  • A suitable sports outfit,
  • Closed shoes, like sneakers.
  • Consider taking a small backpack with water for your group.

A few words about the Via ferata

What is the via ferrata?

The via ferrata is a sporting route composed of bars and wire ropes that ensure progression on rock walls.

There are two types of equipment:

  • the lifeline, consisting of a continuous cable along the entire route;
  • and the elements of progression: wooden beams, metal steps or bars, bridges and monkey bridges.

who is it for?

The via ferrata allows to democratize the evolution in vertical environment: aerial points of view and sensation of the void, without having any particular technical skills.

It is for almost everyone: children are welcome from 8 years old.

The Via Ferrata routes are suitable for all groups:

  • families,
  • sports groups,
  • summer camps…

What are the prerequisites ?

  • Have a minimum of physical condition: the evolution on the scales of bars using all the members of the body can be athletic. But there are alternatives or loopholes for the most complicated passages.
  • Manage the apprehension of the void: However, the majority of participants adapt very quickly to the vertical environment, and we can be surprised to have a large margin of progress during a single outing via ferrata.

Where does this activity come from, the via ferrata?

Invented in Austria in the Hober Dachstein in 1843, it is the first known route for tourism. It is wrongly believed that the activity was born during the First World War, because it was used as a military strategic passage in the Dolomites in Italy.

From this period, the term Via Ferrata: «railway path» in Italian, remained the commonly used name.

Initially reserved for high mountain routes, it was in the 80s that the practice evolved: courses in low altitude as sensational and more accessible.

There are currently 153 routes in France.

Since its creation, the Via ferrata du Regardoir in the Jura has been a real tourist attraction of the region.

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A few steps into the void

This little teaser to show you the first images of an upcoming video on the via ferrata of the Regard, magic!