Canyoning equipment

Canyoning equipment

Canyoning requires appropriate technical equipment to enable you to progress safely.

This equipment is provided by Le Sens de l’Eau and included in the price of the activities.

Participants should bring a few personal items, which are listed on this page.


Combinaison de canyoning dans le Jura We need a neoprene suit adapted to your morphology thanks to the information (size & weight) requested in the booking form. We work with combinations of a French brand, Vade Retro. Robust and comfortable, they are combinations composed of two parts, a jacket and pants, 5 mm thick. They guarantee thermal protection, shock absorption and joint support. It is a real protection tool that guarantees a safe practice.
Casque de canyoning dans le Jura We use Elios helmets from Petzl, the famous French brand of mountain equipment. They’re comfortable, lightweight and quick to adjust. Suitable for young and old alike, they keep your head safe in the event of falling rocks. They are renewed regularly to comply with Personal Protective Equipment regulations..

Bidon de 6 litres étanche de canyoning dans le Jura

For canyoning day trips, we take a picnic. The waterproof 6-liter canisters keep the picnic and your belongings dry during the activity.

Sac de canyoning dans le Jura

We carry the bottle with a DECATHLON 35 liter canyoning bag specially designed for canyon practice.

Kit d'escalade de canyoning dans le Jura

To get down from the verticals or avoid a jump, we use abseiling equipment:
– a harness equipped with a descender (the eight),
– two lanyards and two carabiners.

The instructor provides ropes adapted to the lengths of the abseilings.

The equipment you must provide


Closed sports shoes: To ensure good protection and support of the foot, such as sneakers or hiking shoes (avoid unsuitable shoes such as sandals, flip flops, windsurfing shoes, beach shoes, etc.). A swimsuit

Accessories & water

Water bottle: 1 liter per person minimum Eyeglasses: It is best to secure them with a tether cord. The lenses are suitable for canyoning, but you can bring diving goggles for underwater passages.


Only for day canyoning, lunch and energy snacks.

Specific medical treatments

If necessary. Remember to notify your instructor in case of specific pathologies.